Outdoor Play Everyday

Ideas for using the outdoors, even when its pouring with rain!
It’s one of those really dilemmas that many Early Years Providers face when the weather is as bad as it’s been for the last few days. How can we utilise the outside area when the weather is so bad?

Using the weather as an inspiration for learning is an excellent starting point. If you’ve got a canopy in your outdoor space, the children can easily be outside in even the wettest weather. If you don’t have this luxury, opening the door, letting the children see, smell and hear the rain can provide them with lots of opportunities for developing their learning.

From measuring the volume of rain in tubs, to developing language skills through describing what the rain sounds / smells / feels like, to making musical instruments that emulate the sound of rain, you are able to incorporate the outdoors into the children’s learning experiences.

Asking parents and carers for donations of old wellingtons and waterproofs will ensure that your setting has adequate clothing for all children should the rain come down unexpectedly.

Back indoors looking at water play, floating and sinking, wet and dry, exploring watery words and colours and making music, using the sounds and rhythms of the rain as a starting point.

Once the sun is shining again, learning can continue by looking at where the water goes to and how quickly it takes to dry out. Looking at the impact that this has on plants is another great route to investigate.
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