The Official website of The International Travelling Gavels. V.Wor.Bro Rick Howes invites all Freemasons to join him in this special project

Our Good Causes

I have sent many “Special Gavels” to Brethren and Grand Masters, all over the world. In addition to crafting Masonic Gavels, I also make wooden clocks and present them to charity organizations, at home here in Australia and also Internationally. All money raised goes to charity and good causes. These beneficiaries include:

Cancer clinics ~ hospitals ~ children with physical deformities~ underprivileged children etc. 

Aug 27 2014


We must Promote Freemasonry today for Freemasonry for tomorrow
To retain what we have today, we must all pitch in & do our share for Freemasonry: 
We must give to and help our fellow Mason as much as possible. 
If we all do this to-day, we may have a lodge to go to in 30 years.

12 Travelling Gavels

A selection of twelve Travelling Gavels have been sent to 30 countries  around the World. Passing from Lodge to Lodge

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Travelling GavelsOur B.B.Q. fundraising

We gave the Wyong Hospital AU$7.000. to buy a ECG and Lung capacity Monitor  As the Monitor only cost $5.500 they had a $1.500 surplus which meant that they could purchase another heart monitor.

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